Hamish Ryde


Fitflop are an online women's shoe retailer, that specialise in a range of comfy footwear.

I created digital content for the website and social media platforms as well as designing

a digital brochure used to publicise the upcoming seasonal products.

P1220-Digital-Brochure V3-6.jpg
P1220-Digital-Brochure V3-10.jpg
P1220-Digital-Brochure V3-14.jpg
P1220-Digital-Brochure V3-15.jpg
P1220-Digital-Brochure V3-16.jpg
P1220-Digital-Brochure V3-17.jpg
P1220-Digital-Brochure V3-19.jpg
P1220-Digital-Brochure V3-18.jpg
P1220-Digital-Brochure V3-20.jpg